This document is to ensure Denj Safar Kish QHSE policy is explained in a practical way to all her personnel and to control and maintain her QHSE objectives.

Denj Safar Kish is operating on a commercial basis with a high QHSE standard.

Quality, Health and Safety standards and Environmental protection are an integral part of our working philosophy and are given the highest priority by every employee.  Maintaining and improving the QHSE standard is the responsibility of every employee, both onshore as on our vessels.

Spending efforts on QHSE is proven to be a major contribution to business success. Denj Safar Kish will then maintain its competitiveness and her growth potential will be preserved.  Denj Safar Kish will comply with all applicable legal obligations, rules & regulations and applicable QHSE standards.


  • To be the leading global provider of maritime support services.
  • Requirements and expectations of our customers must be satisfied.
  • Setting QHSE performance objectives, measuring results via key performance indicators, assessment of system and continually improving processes, services ad product quality, through the use of an effective QHSE management system. 



  • To preserve the health of our employees by providing a healthy working environment.  



  • To improve on HSE standards continuously.
  • To keep risk to personnel, equipment and the environment at a level as low as reasonably practicable.
  • To aim to learn from experience, both within our company and the industry as a whole, and follow a process of continuous improvement. 
  • To motivate the employees to work in a competent, safely and responsible way.



  • Preventing pollution and minimizing the environmental impact of our operations
  • To reduce energy consumption